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Jack Lazarus Bio

publication date: Jun 1, 2016
author/source: Jack Lazarus


Jack Lazarus

Growing up I was always an athlete. Playing soccer and hockey as a

child gave me a strong sense of competition. In high school that sense

of competition lead me to become a collegiate rower placing me at the

national level with both my high school team and summer team. My

desire to be a better athlete lead me into a gym in an attempt to

become stronger and more fit as an athlete, and even as my high school

career ended my passion for fitness blossomed. At 18 I became an AFAA

certified personal trainer and have been active in the fitness

industry getting multiple certifications ever since.

Since becoming a trainer I have competed in 2 bodybuilding, first at

the age of 21 and then at the age of 23, placing second place both

time in two entirely different weight classes. I also have coached

men's physique athletes, both in bodybuilding and men's physique, as

well as a woman's figure athlete with all of the above placing top of

their classes. I've also had the privilege of being on the judging

panel of the Natural Muscle Associations Can/Am contest in Buffalo,

New York. For coaching inquiries as well as contest advice about your

prep or diet feel free to contact me at

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