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Beauty And The Beast

publication date: May 26, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

Beauty & The Beast

Rachel Glover


Age: I am 27 years young!

Origin(birth place): Long Island. NY

Current Location: Buffalo, NY

Favorite place to train: Catalyst Fitness all the way

Years invested in this lifestyle: Actually only 2 SERIOUS years, but I have been in and our of the gym recreationally for about 9 years

Favorite exercise: I love love love reverse hack squats

Your best body part: I would have to go with my quads.

The best song to train to: Beast- Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard

Favorite "BEAST MODE"(in training) meal: oooh dang that's a tough one... I LOVE chicken with mustard and some brown rice, always fuels me and you can't go wrong with lean protein!

Favorite post-contest/cheat meal: DOUGHNUTS! (yes that's a meal)

Favorite supplement: I love Pre-workout, when I get put into prep and my coach cuts it, it's literally like losing a best friend.

Biggest obstacle that you've Slaughtered: Being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism! It constantly makes me tired and irritable and just want to go home after work and rest BUT there are no off days, I mentally won't allow it and always push through the mental game of "I need sleep" and turn it into "I need to train", once I'm at the gym, I never regret the choice.

The title you've earned with the most meaning: My FIRST show that I did, I won overall for the Novice class, this was huge to me! This was not only my first year BUT my first show and to be able to take a title over girls who have been competing for years was amazing to me!

Why Drug Free is the way to be: Honestly I love being able to say "I did this myself" I didn't need any help and built the muscle with good old fashioned hard work!

The #1 reason you're NO JOKE: Because when I put my mind to something, I always give it 110%, Alpha status for life!

Favorite Quote: "If you have discipline, drive and determination... nothing is impossible" - Dana Linn Bailey

Your mission: I want to inspire people! I want to inspire them to follow their dreams, to turn their can'ts into can's and to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, if i inspired at least ONE person to go out and do something that they thought to be impossible, then my work is done. 

Dana Wagner


Age: 41

Origin(birth place): Lebanon, Pa.

Current location: Atlanta, Ga

Favorite place to train: AnyTime Fitness

Years invested in this lifestyle: 13 years

Favorite exercise: Squats

Your best body part: Arms and Abs

The best song to train to: ''I Stand Alone'' by GodSmack

Favorite "BEAST MODE"(in training) meal: Lean ground beef/brown rice/sweet potato

Favorite post-contest/cheat meal: Pizza

Favorite supplement: Protein and BCAA'S

Biggest obstacle that you've Slaughtered: I think for me, the biggest obstacle for me to overcome has been the ability to let go of past things; to let new opportunities and challenges be created to test my thirst and hunger for success.

The title you've earned with the most meaning: 

I would have to say that earning my Masters certification in personal training and a certification as a Sports Nutrition Consultant have been the the two that stand out the most and are the most rewarding by far, because it's time I have invested in myself and for the passion I have for fitness 

Why Drug Free is the way to be: The gains we make naturally stay with us long term far greater than the use of substances that alter the body and produce a quick fix if you may, to those that seek it, but in all honesty it harms the body significantly by producing side effects and other harmful things that can do severe damage . 

The #1 reason you're NO JOKE:

I go all out on everything I set out to do, and give extreme dedication and focus to push and challenge myself to new heights; to create new goals to achieve and continue to better myself by being the best version of myself I can be.

Favorite Quote: The greatest success in life comes from the road less traveled

Your mission: My mission is to motivate and inspire all those I meet and give them the ignition for the fire within themselves to burn hotter than they ever thought possible.


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