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Cover Story: Natty Pro JJ Has Plans

publication date: Nov 11, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

"NATTY PRO JJ" interview ( Nov/2016 )

Nitro: It's your favorite beast Nitro, here with our sponsored athlete Jay Johnson AKA: "NATTY PRO JJ"!

Nitro: What's going on my brother?

"NATTY PRO JJ": Doing EXCELLENT Nitro! How are you my man?

Nitro: Nice! And how ‘bout the family?

"NATTY PRO JJ": They’re doing great as usual brother. Just celebrated my wife’s Bday and the boy killing it in football this year.

Nitro: It's bulking season right now for you right?

"NATTY PRO JJ": YESSUR! And LOVING it while it lasts at least! Hahaha!

Nitro: Now in the meantime, while you're bulking up, you've been helping someone lean out with one of your Special Nutrition plans. Tell me a little bit about that!

"NATTY PRO JJ": Yes, a friend of mine, Carlos Hernandez, was looking to prove some “naysayers” wrong and enhance his physique to the next level, and requested my help. I decided to oblige and assist in getting him where he wants to be. It’s been about 11 weeks now and Carlos has enhanced his physique dramatically in more ways than one! Not only did he lose about 20lbs since he started, he actually GAINED strength on all of his lifts (10-20lbs each PR), and has some SICK conditioning. Crazy thing about it……this guy still has 15 WEEKS to peak his conditioning! Really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for his success as he prepares for his first competition in physique EVER in the spring.

Nitro: Wow! That's impressive! I saw a few of the pics. Almost looks like those fake before and after pics you see online all the time.

Tell these folks again that this is 100% real!

"NATTY PRO JJ": YES Nitro! 100% real! Didn’t know they were effective as much as they were until I “tried it on for size” for someone else….looks GOOD on him!

Nitro: Plus make sure the readers know that this is also 100% Natural! (They don't call you "NATTY PRO JJ" for nothing! )

"NATTY PRO JJ": Yes sir, 100%! Actually LIFETIME natural since birth! Best way, smartest way, safest way…. the ONLY way!

Nitro: Ok, now everybody knows that you're our official sponsored athlete for our clothing line: Slaughter Equipment however, we got some exciting news for the fans! Go ahead and tell them brother!

"NATTY PRO JJ": I’d be GLAD to Nitro! So that you can have similar if not BETTER results such as Carlos’s, I’ve decided to release my personalized nutrition and training plans to the No Joke Lifestyle family for ALL to benefit from! Very excited to help others achieve their desired goals and peak conditioning. What better way is there than the natural way?

Nitro: Boom! That's right coming real soon to our online store: personalized nutrition plans! People are already asking lots of questions about the plans right? Tell them a little about what they'll get with the plans. 

"NATTY PRO JJ": Of course. They will get personalized macro breakdown (calories, carbs, fat, protein) based on their weight. They will get a personalized weight/strength and conditioning plan, supplemental plan with naturally approved supplements to take to enhance training. “Ground rules” info with standards/expectations to achieve success, tiered conditioning depending on the type of training plan they choose, sample daily diets, just to name a few!

Nitro: They'll be several options to choose from right? Tell them about the differences between what you're offering. 

"NATTY PRO JJ": Several will be available however they range from a quick 4-week tightening plan, 8-week beach body shred, 12 week conditioning transformation, and ranging to the ELITE 24 week EVOLUTION package! Not all of them, but that’s several. Each will come with limited support as needed for questions during the prep timeframe.

Nitro: These plans are for men and women correct?

"NATTY PRO JJ": Of course. Could be for squirrels if they had thumbs! Just kidding, but yes, custom made for ALL!

Nitro: I'm excited! I'm really looking forward to seeing how Carlos does on stage, and how your plans help transform other people as well.

"NATTY PRO JJ": Me as well Nitro! He’s already came a long way and continues to improve. Words can’t describe how excited I am to see his success and even more proud that I could be a part of it!

Nitro: Keep it locked right here for updates on the personalized nutritional plans by "NATTY PRO JJ" coming soon to 

Credit: Natty Pro JJ Photo taken by

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