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Editor’s Letter December 2016

publication date: Dec 8, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast


Editor’s Letter December 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen! Once again, it’s your favorite beast giving you the latest updates on what’s happening with the magazine and the movement! Let me say first of all, big thanks to my team Gary Williamson for co-editing and Robert Rainbow for his photography. Also to the writers who take their time out of their busy schedules to write for us and give us quality content!

This month’s writers:

  • Herb Cables III
  • Gi Gi and Melody Marie
  • Matt Anderson
  • Dorothy “Slaughter Katt” Tiller
  • Danny Cole
  • Ken Hillyer
  • Jack Lazarus
  • Bridgette Peterson

Also, thanks to Rick Tarleton and Carlos Love who’re going to have some awesome articles on had for the top of the year! Plus, thanks to Jewel over at Offspring Design for doing all our graphic designs.

Special Announcement! As you can see on the cover Tabatha “Gi Gi” Washington-Gatson and Melody Marie are on the cover! Cover photo taken by Robert Rainbow. They’ve got a new radio show starting this month and we are very excited about it. Check out the cover story to get all the details. Also, we did something a little different for the Beauty and The Beast section. We normally feature a male and female for this section, however, it’s all about these two special ladies who are starting up their own talk show: Body Talk. So, this month it’s the Beauty and the Beauty! Learn more about them in that section as well.

Plus, I wrote a special article about my fitness journey called Nitro’s Evolution from Man to Beast! You don’t want to miss that story! I’ve been living this lifestyle for 25 years, so learn the story behind the glory!

Last but certainly never least, special thanks to each and every single person who’s a subscriber! Every single penny counts to help cover the cost of publishing every issue and of course help with expenses when it comes to covering events. Without you there’s no us.

So Merry Christmas from the No Joke Lifestyle family, and keep it locked for all the exciting things we are bringing to you next year!


Your Favorite Beast!

And Editor-In-Chief


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