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Editor’s Letter January 2017

publication date: Jan 7, 2017
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

 Editor’s Letter January 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s your favorite Beast wishing all the No Jokers out there a Healthy New Year! As I’m sure that all of you out there are focused on evolving into a new and improved version of yourselves, we are also in route to being a better version of what we did last year. First things first, I have to give thanks to everyone who made this all possible:

  • God for my vision and drive to keep this going
  • My teammates Gary W. and Robert R.
  • The writers who took time to contribute articles
  • All the subscribers/supporters who help fuel the movement

Now let’s discuss what’s next for us! This month’s cover shows our featured Beauty Joyce Bell smashing the covers from last year. This is a symbol for change! I have always wanted to create an exclusive library of videos that teach people how to train their bodies as well as their minds. Also, let’s be honest… with the growth of social media, attention spans have shrunk. So, the amount of people who take the time to sit down and read is getting smaller and smaller. So, to survive, we too must evolve. The goal going into the next few months will be to incorporate more videos along with our writing. With that being said, I’m also going to start building No Joke Lifestyle University! I’ll give you more details as this becomes a reality.

We will also work on covering different types of events this year. There are lots of different sports and activities out there, and we are going to get you coverage for these events! No Joke Lifestyle will always continue to put our spotlight on drug-free athletes, so have no fear, we will always stay the course.

So once again, Healthy New Year to everyone! Stay tuned as we grow, and tell all your friends and family to support by becoming subscribers. Stay tuned my friends… this is only the beginning.


Your Favorite Beast

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Prudence Forrester (Dunwoody )

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