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How To Achieve Success Inside And Outside The Gym!

publication date: May 26, 2016
author/source: Danny Cole: The Formula Coach

The Formula Coach:Success

Hello to all the readers out there! I’m Danny Cole, also known as The Formula Coach. I’m an author, speaker, life coach, and personal trainer and I’m here today to talk to you about success.

What is success and how can you achieve success inside and outside the gym? The answer may surprise you. First, let’s take a quick look at what success is. Like everything else, success is a feeling. Success is that tingle of excitement you feel running through your body after you have accomplished what you have set out to accomplish. It could be from getting that huge bicep pump after an intense workout that stretches the sleeves of your shirt to the max and causes everyone to stare in awe or it could be landing that deal that allows you to hit your sales quota for the month and receive that nice, fat bonus.

Simply put, success is the achievement of a goal within a specified time. Success is something everyone desires to achieve in all areas of their life. But, if everyone wants it, then why do so few seem to achieve it? The answer is quite simple actually. It is because they are not following a proven formula for success. But you will not have to worry about that because by the time you finish reading this article you will have discovered the same formula that has created success for countless numbers of successful businesses and individuals around the world.

You see, success is simple if you know the formula. You do not have to reinvent the wheel; all you have to do is duplicate the winning formula. Think about it for a moment; in life there are many formulas, there is a formula for the sequence of words to be spoken to persuade someone into doing something. There are even formulas for controlling your body size. For instance, there is a unique formula consisting of types of food to eat and workouts to perform in order to gain muscle which is completely different than the formula for the types of cardio to perform and types of food to consume to cut body fat. My purpose behind writing this article is to provide you with the same “5 Step Formula” used by top athletes, bodybuilders, entrepreneurs, and other successful individuals around the world to achieve success inside and outside the gym, so that you too can achieve the same success.

5 Step Formula To Success

1. Have a clear and specific goal

2. Create a F.A.S.T action plan

3. Take massive action

4. Be flexible

5. Stay motivated and focused

1. You must first have a crystal clear and specific goal you want to accomplish. If not, how will you know what to achieve or when you have achieved it?

2. Create a F.A.S.T. action plan to accomplish your goal.

F.A.S.T. stands for, Fabricate. Assimilate. Structured. Timed.

Fabricate. Develop ways to accomplish you goal. Think of as many ways as possible to achieve the end result. Research what others have done to accomplish the desired goal.

Assimilate. Understand fully how the action plan should and will work to achieve the best results. Once you fully understand the action plan the more confidence you will have.

Structured. Structure the plan in the proper order and follow the plan. Do not get to excited and make a “rookie mistake,” bouncing around and wasting time. Remember, be productive not busy, there is a difference.

Timed. Put a date on the goal and on the individual steps to achieve the goal. This will keep you focused and productive. A goal is a dream with a deadline.

3. Take massive action. You may know exactly what you want in life and the exact steps that it takes to get there, but if you do not take action then you will never achieve anything. Anyone can want something to happen, but only 20% of people will take action and make things happen. Are you in that 20%?

4. Be flexible. Be aware of the results you are getting. If the results you are receiving are positive, then great, keep moving in the right direction. However, if they are not, then be flexible and approach the situation differently. Successful people know how to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

5. Stay motivated and focused. The strongest way to keep motivated and focused is knowing your Why. Your Why has to be bigger than your How. If your Why is not bigger than your How, then you will only give up and quit when faced with adversity. Motivation and focus are two of the most important keys to success because anyone can start and anyone can quit but only those that maintain motivation and focus will accomplish their goals and achieve success.

I learned this 5 Step Formula To Success through my self-development and self-mastery journey that has taken place over the last 20 years. In that time, I have discovered powerful techniques and principles to achieve happiness and success in all areas of life, I have broken down these principles so they could be easily understood and implemented into anyone’s life, and have taught them to countless individuals to help them achieve the results they were looking for.

If you, like my clients, would like to learn more the 5 Step Formula to Success, and begin your journey today then go to and order your copy of my book, The Formula for Happiness and Success in Life, Now!

Wishing you happiness and success in life,

The Formula Coach

Danny Cole

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