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Ken Hillyer Bio

publication date: Jul 5, 2016
author/source: Ken Hillyer

 Ken Hillyer's Bio

Despite being a Certified Master Trainer through the International Sports Science Association with the degree in Exercise Science the bulk of my experience with fitness derived from my six years in the United States Air Force where my secondary duty/qualification was as a certified Physical Training Leader.  It was there that I trained, monitored and evaluated various Airman to ensure AF PT Standards and deployment readiness.  Since my separation I have found a home at Anytime Fitness of Greenville PA and in the midst of that time have found a passion for the sport of bodybuilding.  I personally have competed in numerous shows and have now coached over half a dozen.  With now two NMA figure Pro's under my belt in the last nine months and three shows we are proving our success at Anytime is not a fluke and the stable continues to grow.

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