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An exclusive interview with Neal Morgan

publication date: May 26, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

Neal Morgan

Neal's Interview with Nitro:

Nitro: Hey there! I got word that I needed to talk to you so I'm reaching out!

Tell me a little about yourself...  

Neal: Hey man! My name is Neal Morgan, Im 25 years old married with a beautiful family. Im from Easley South Carolina. I am natural Pro physique body builder, I received my first natural pro card with SNBF back in June of 2015.

Nitro: Nice to talk to you bro!

How you feeling today? And what you got going on today?

Neal: Thanks! I’m feeling great actually but I can defiantly tell that I am getting closer to the show that’s for sure! I actually just finished up my shoulder workout, and I have schedule full of a client’s today!

Nitro: So you got a lot of clients to train today?

Neal: Yeah I do! I like to schedule my clients back to back early in the morning starting around 4 am and then I give myself a few hours to train during the late morning and then back at it after that. Right now I’m trying to keep about 8 to 10 clients a day while I am getting ready for the show in March.

Nitro: How long have you been training clients?

Neal: Since 2009

Nitro: Nice! Who are you certified with?





Neal Morgan

Nitro: Cool, where's the gym at where you train folks at?

Neal: Workout Anytime 24/7

Nitro: So as an instructor, what would you say is the toughest part, when it comes to helping your clients?

Neal: Holding them accountable to the nutrition plan

Nitro: Ahhhhh, I feel ya!!!!

I heard you're getting ready to compete in an upcoming show....

Do you have a coach that's helping you get ready?

Neal: John Defendis is giving me my nutrition and organizing my workout routine. I train with my wife Lauren, she’s been my training partner since the beginning and a big supporter of me competing in these upcoming shows.

Nitro: I see, so the teacher, got a coach as well! Very cool!

Tell the readers some of the benefits of having a coach or a trainer since you are one and also have one.

Neal: Just having someone hold you accountable when the tough gets going and also having that accountability with your nutrition and that extra push you get when you have someone there backing you up and supporting you, saying that you can do it!

Nitro: That's good stuff!!!

So what's the date and location of the show?

Neal: I have one in Buffalo New York on March 19th and another April the 9th in Atlanta Georgia

Nitro: So that puts you out about how long till showtime?

Neal: Im four weeks out for the buffalo show

Nitro: That's coming up pretty quick!

You gonna be ready?

Neal Morgan, Pic by Robert Rainbow

Neal: Yes sir! I feel the leanest and the most conditioned I ever been, we have trained hard and been very disciplined with nutrition

Nitro: So how'd you end up getting up on stage in the 1st place?

Neal: My dad was always really big into body building and being young watching cartoons and doing pushups with my dad when the commercials came on. Fitness has always been a very part of our family. It has always been a dream to step on stage to step on stage and compete

Nitro: Ahhhh, so you been around it from the time you were young!

So it was only natural so to speak! Huh?

Neal: Yes sir it was a goal I set that had to be reached no matter what it took

Nitro: Speaking of natural.....

Why did you decide to compete in a drug free organization vs the alternative?

Neal: I’ve always trained very hard and ate clean and never looked for kind of alternative to build muscle. I look at drug free body building as something that can only be earned through hard work, instead of filling your body with a drug, it just always seem like cheating to me.

Nitro: I agree with you 100% brother!!!

So you're a new pro am I right?

Neal: Yes sir, I turned pro last year in my 2nd show in Alabama of June 2015

Nitro: Cool! How many years have you been competing?

Neal: This is only my 2nd year competing, I hit two shows in 2015 and went pro with my 2nd show

Nitro: Wow! So you went pro very quickly! Congratulations on that!!!

Must've been an awesome experience!!!

Neal Morgan

Neal: Thanks Man! There,s one guy who beat me by a quarter of a point my first show and I heard that he is going to be there this year in Atlanta! I look forward to stepping on stage to compete with someone who works as hard as me.

Nitro: Ahhhhhh..... So there's already a rivalry in place!!! Haha! I love it!!!!

Go get him man!!

Thanks man! I love a little competition.

So besides your coach, do you have a big support coming in from anyone else?

Neal: I get all of my hope and faith the lord, I depend him when it gets hard.

Nitro: Ahhhh, I feel ya! Nothing like a strong faith to get you through any & everything!

Well I know you're a busy guy, however before we go,.... How bout some advice to everyone out there that wants to get in better shape that what they are now.

Neal: Being able to find your WHY, why are you getting in shape? Who it affects around and how this is going to affect your life for the better? Those are just some of the question we got ask ourselves. How bad do you really want it? I know I want it, so I’m going to get it. Its not impossible to get your body where you want it. You have to dig deep and find that piece of yourself that you never knew you had and doing things you never done so you can get to places you’ve never been.

Nitro: That's good stuff right there!

Well we're gonna wrap it up here, it's been a pleasure!

Looking forward to seeing how you do in your 1st pro debut!

I know you're gonna kill it, because without a doubt....

You're definitely NO JOKE!

Take care, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Neal: Thanks man, Im looking forward to it!

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