No Joke Lifestyle: March 2017

When it comes to living healthy and drug free, we don't clown around!

Nitro's Bio

publication date: Aug 5, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast


     At 44 Years of age.... I'm getting Stronger and Leaner as I grow!!! I've been in the fitness industry over 20 years; training and guiding clients for 15 years. I am certified with The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (N.C.C.P.T.). When I started my personal training program I weighed 147 lbs. at a height of 6'1(very skinny!). I worked hard to achieve and maintain an average weight of 210-225 with low body fat (depending on the time frame between competitions). I am 100% NATURAL!! I have NEVER taken drugs of any kind. Every inch gained was through hard work and determination.


     I was literally on stage getting ready to compete in a drug tested event, when the question was asked, how come the stands aren’t filled with a big crowd of people to see “us?”…. We are the ones who spend all the money on the supplements, yet “they” don’t come to “our” shows. Or even use “us” to promote their products. They use “them” because the “freaks” draw a crowd.

     Then I said “somebody” needs to something"… and I have a rule, never say somebody should do something and forget the fact that I am somebody. And from that moment, No Joke Lifestyle was born in my mind. And it’s my pleasure to bring people like “us” the media they deserve!

Because, This Is The Lifestyle….

And It’s No Joke!

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