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Can/Am 2016 Show Coverage

publication date: May 28, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

By Nitro; Your Favorite Beast!

     It’s the Can/Am baby! It’s your favorite beast Nitro, giving you a feel for the action at this year’s Can/Am. The date was March 19, 2016. The show took place at Nichols School in Buffalo NY. The temperature was cold as to be expected for that time of year, however, things were going to heat up on stage in a phenomenal way! This was my first time meeting Jerry Marsala, CEO of the Natural Muscle Association and promoter of the Can/Am Natural Bodybuilding show.

     This was a big show as far as drug-free shows are concerned, with over ninety plus contestants hitting the stage. The venue was packed with a sold out crowd, which gave the contestants a feeling like they were performing to a crowd waiting for rock stars to hit the stage… and they delivered a performance on that level as I could hear the roar of the crowd from back stage.

     I’d like to give a personal shout to everyone who took the stage by storm. In the NMA, everyone that hits the stage goes home with a trophy! How cool is that? Going down the list of all the categories would be a long list since this was a really big show! So, instead I’m going to list the results for only the Pros of the evening:

Master Pro 40:

  1. Ben Sonnier
  2. Vernon Appleton
  3. Mike Bisson
  4. Will Reddick

Master Pro 50:

  1. Ronald Vincent
  2. Chris Lannue
  3. Larry Burt
  4. Derrick Williams
  5. Chuck Geraci
  6. Ted Jameson
  7. Tom Jameson

Bikini Pro:

  1. Jessica Lugo
  2. Dominique Simmons
  3. Marcy Dexheimer


Now on to the interviews!!!

With so many people backstage, it was a challenge getting these

interviews, however… I got ‘em!!!

Check out who I had the honor to talk to below:




 Sponsor Custom Beaute Interview:                            

Meet The 4D Team!

Rachel Glover Interview:

 Lisa Quigley Interview:

 Derrick Felton Interview:

 Derrick Felton Interview:

 Daniel Maracic Interview:

 Jennifer Mims Interview:

 Billy Li Interview:

  CJ Tatarski Interview:

Jaliyl Jackson Interview: 

John Cubit Interview: 

 Tom Jameson Interview:

 Vernon Appleton Interview:

Ben Sonnier Interview: 

 Erin Burr Interview:

 Jennifer Curtis Interview:

 Jessica Lugo Interview:

 Heather Wheeler Interview:

 Coach Megan Rogers Interview:


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