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World Olympia 2016, One World United

publication date: May 31, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

World Olympia 2016

One World United, Natural Bodybuilding Alliance

We were invited to do show coverage at Rayflex’s show, The World Olympia. I’ve known Ray Adkison and his wife Gail for quite some time, so it was only natural that we showed up to check it out! This was their first time putting on the event, however… they had some quality contestants show up and represent for the world of natural bodybuilding. The date was March 26, 2016. The location was at the Atlanta Technical College in Atlanta, Ga. After the pre-judging meeting, things heated up very quickly! Turbo was the head judge for the event. The competitors had to work for it, because everybody knows that’s how Turbo does it.

The No Joke Lifestyle crew didn’t show up empty handed… no sir! We stopped by Amelie’s French Bakery and brought some goodies for the contestants to enjoy their “first bite” of something sweet after spending weeks in prep mode. Now… we got some awesome pictures and interviews to share with you, so here we go!

Katie Russell and Terri Clifton Interview:

  Ahlia Landes and Lindsay Whatley Interview:

 Lex Flex and Theresa Jackson 

 Lisa Fisher Interview:

N'Gina Anderson and April Dolan Interview: 

 Jill Steel Interview:

Jamikal Lamar and Brandon Anderson Interview:

 Marcus Jefferson and Q The Trainer Interview:

 Kara Hunton Interview:

 Christopher Brown and Daniel Saris Interview:

 Yuki Izumi Interview pt1 & pt2:

 Doug Owens Interview:

 Whitney Bertsh Interview:

 Catina Davis and Prudence Forrester Interview:

 Alexandra Sanabria and Yevette Ray Interview:

 Yvette Ray Interview:

 Anthony John Interview:

 Oliver Wells Interview:

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